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DJ Medieval - Alchemy Sessions 009 on DI.FM

For your listening pleasure, the latest episode of my show Alchemy Sessions on DI.FM Radio, two hours of progressive beamed straight to your brain (this part may not actually be true)!

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On this episode of Alchemy Sessions on DI.FM, I got some new tunes for the show but then dug into some past episodes and brought home some favorites of mine.

Continued support for Snowball Project and remixer Evren Furtuna on their phenomenal track Ambivalence, Freedolph - Reverbeo Vibrato on Dumb Dan’s label Dumb Recordings (love that guy,) John Dahlback’s Bellybutton, and Federico Epis - Silver Chordz (which I still play at least once a week.) Really killing it this show is as Claes Rosen’s hammering remix of Kostas Skrotas’s Tears on the Leaf and the two awesome Fine Taste tunes, which are definitely some of my all-time favorites.


If you enjoy this mix, you can get more at

Alchemy Sessions 009 on DI.FM


1. Arnej - Dust In The Wind (Intro Mix) 00:00
2. Snowball Project - Ambivalence (Evren Furtuna Remix) 02:33
3. Freedolph - Reverbeo Vibrato 07:54
4. Lights Are Low - Dumb Dan Remix 12:32
5. Abel Ramos & Mark Simmons - Cava (Abel Ramos Amsterdam With Love Mix) 18:24
6. Sultan & Ned Shepard - Block Party (Pierre J Remix) 24:01
7. Drop Out Orchestra - Macaque (I Should Have Left You) 29:22
8. Fedde Le Grande - Get This Feeling (Phillip O Remix) 34:59
9. Ben Watt - Guinea Pig (M.A.N.D.Y. & Smallboy Remix) 39:50
10. Faithless - Music Matters ft. Cass Fox (Mark Knight Dub) 45:42
11. Kostas Skretas - Tears on the Leaf (Claes Rosen Remix) 49:17
12. Montero - Cause and Effect (Effect Mix) 54:25
13. John Dahlback - Bellybutton 61:18
14. DJ Chus vs. Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. - Hossa (Chris Soul Remix) 63
15. Max Graham - Automatic Weapon 67:25
16. Fine Taste - More Grey Than Blue 72:48
17. Belocca, Soneec, Chris Lauer & Canard - Raspberry Mouth 79:41
18. Fine Taste - Midnight Clash 85:32
19. Federico Epis - Silver Chordz 91:40
20. Filter Cutz - Recorded Prysma 97:19
21. Anton Sever - Massive Impact 101:55
22. David Forbes meets William Daniel - The Act of Fear (Sebrof & Lainad Remix) 106:30
23. Komytea - Professional Killers (Jeroma Isma-ae & Daniel Portman Remix) 111:55

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