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a friend of mine is coming to help me out. also, eliset says AAA will in fact let you call them, get a membership, and then come help you.
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DJ Medieval - Alchemy Sessions 009 on DI.FM

For your listening pleasure, the latest episode of my show Alchemy Sessions on DI.FM Radio, two hours of progressive beamed straight to your brain (this part may not actually be true)!

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On this episode of Alchemy Sessions on DI.FM, I got some new tunes for the show but then dug into some past episodes and brought home some favorites of mine.

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I feel that my life would be improved significantly if I were able to disable the display of comments on any youtube video/blog entry/anything, forever.
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New show on Digitally Imported Radio TODAY

Today will be the second episode and first DI.FM broadcast of my radio show, Alchemy Sessions. DI.FM has awarded me a monthly two-hour in-the-mix show with me, DJ Medieval.

This month's show starts TODAY at:

* 4pm US EST
* 9pm GMT
* 22:00 CET


Also, episode 1 of Alchemy Sessions was the progcast of the week for all of last week!